Adsense Tips : How To Mix Your Adsense

Mix Adsense Tips

There are a lot of adsense publisher program in internet, google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, yahoo publisher network and another publisher program. Many people join this more than one program. I have join google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, infolink, kontera, speedyads, adsensecamp (indonesian publisher program), and many more program too. I think i can get more money from internet if i join a lot of program. Do you think same with me?

There aren't a rules that explain how many program that allowed for us to join. But, you must be careful if you have join google adsense too. As you know that google adsense is the most favorite publisher program. The ads will easy to appear, not like the others. But, google adsense have a complex policy. One point in their policy is how you put ads in your site.

Google adsense not permitted if you put another ads program that have similar format or design with their ads. They wont if a visitor was think that another adsense is a part of google adsense program. So if you want to put another adsense in you site which was have a google adsense script, you was be careful how to put adsense it with a right way.

I have adsense tips about how to mix your adsense.

  • Dont use a same format
  • It have mean that if you was choose google adsense ads text format for your site, you must choose another ads format from another publisher adsense program.
    I have change google adsense format for my site. I have choose a google adsense image ads format, and then i change it into ads text format. Why? because i want put a banner from adonbanner affiliate program in my site. So there are different look between google adsense and adonbanner.
    Adsense tips
  • Dont put the adsense in same area
  • You can put google adsense in your sidebar and another adsense program in your footer area.

    There aren't a mistake if you put adsense link (like: kontera, infolinks) with your google adsense.

    You should have a right way if you want to mix google adsense in another publisher program. If you wrong in this thing, i think you could get banned.

    I hope a simple adsense tips can avoid us from google adsense banned.

    Best Regard.
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