Get High Pay With CTR

Get High Pay With CTR

CTR....????? I think all of blogger who has Google Adsense account will know about CTR. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) — The number of clicks an adsense receives divided by the number of impressions the ad receives. The higher your CTR, the better.

There’s one figure that’s more important than any of the others. Know which one I’m talking about?

Revenue! If you aren’t making money, no other stats matter.

If you are making money though, the next stat you want to watch is your
CTR. The higher the percentage of clicks to page impressions you receive,
the higher your CPM will rise — and the higher your revenues will become.

When you make a change to your ad placement, to your keywords, to your ad colors or anything else, wait a week and check your stats to see the
result. And look first at your revenues.

Bear in mind too that when you have multiple ads on a page each ad unit
counts as one impression — but you won’t be able to get three clicks from
them! Multiple ad units then can reduce your CTR while still giving you good
You might also want to translate your results into charts. If you do want to do that, the most important things to look for are trends in CTR and in
earnings. Tracking impressions too will also let you see any radical
fluctuations in traffic.

Optimum CTR
ch of your success will depend on lifting your CTR as high as possible.
Obviously, the more people who click on your ads the more money you
should make but it’s not always easy to know when you’re inviting as many
people as possible to get clicking. I’ve gone from less than 1% CTR to over
8% on some sites but I know of some sites that are getting over 30% CTR!

Your CTR will depend on a number of different factors, including:
  • Site Content — Some types of content get more clicks than others (but
    don’t necessarily make more money per click...)
  • Site Design — We’ve already talked about the importance of where you place your ads and how you place them.
  • Number Of Links — Why give your ads competition? If people want to click away from the page, you should get paid for it.
  • Ad Relevancy — If you’re not getting served ads that are relevant to your content, you’re going to have a low CTR.

Hope this can help us to get more revenue from Google Adsense.

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Ref. Adsense Secret Book by Joel Comm

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  1. ppcmuslim
    November 7, 2009 at 9:18 PM

    assalamu`alaikum. maaf numpang lewat, kini telah lahir ppc baru berbasis shar`e, satu satunya muslim di dunia. ayo ikutan jadi publisher maupun advertiser jika ingin melejitkan kunjungan web bisnis anda. trim

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