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I have explain about how to make paypal in my last article. When you are register to make your paypal account, it will be asked to verified your paypal. Paypal verification was needed to get a full service from paypal. It's have mean you can't verified your paypal account, but you can't get a fully service from paypal. Paypal verification process will need a credit card. But, it is not a problem if you doesn't have a credit card. You can use VCC, Virtual Credit Card, to verified your paypal account.

What is VCC?

VCCVCC, Virtual Credit Card, is a prepaid card that works like a real credit card. It can be used at websites, online merchants, internet shops and web stores over the internet where payment by credit card is accepted.

Virtual credit card have several information like as credit card, But there aren't a real card that you will accept if you buy VCC.
• The credit card type
• The 16 digit virtual credit card number
• The 3 digits of CVC / CVC2 number, also called the verification code.
• The issue date
• The expiry date

A VCC is sent to the client's email address between 0 to 8 working hours excluding (weekends/holidays) after payment is received and verified.
Point to note, 99% orders are completed much faster than above time frame.
There are an advantages and disadvantages if you use VCC to verified a paypal account. There are more faster verification process than if we use credit card to verification. VCC have more safe that credit card to avoid credit card hacking internet criminal. But verification process that used VCC have a risk. If paypal ask a scanning of physically virtual credit card, we can't do anything.

VCC is simple card that you can get in VCC webseller with cheap price. In indonesia, there area vcc-indonesian Web Seller. vcc-indonesia is a first vcc web seller in indonesia. Many people was used a vcc to verification their account form this web seller. So if you would to verification your paypal account with VCC, and doesn't have a vcc card yet, got this web seller to get it.......vcc-indonesian Web Seller.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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