Resolv-r2 ECO Continuous

I was wrote about our environment in my last post. I said that energy now become a serious problem. The upcoming climate conference, in Copenhagen - Denmark, will place central environmental issues on the international table along with their relative potential solutions. Maybe there are several business company who doesn't thinking about their waste and doesn't care about environment. We can see a news in TV, newspaper or another media about soil pollution, air pollution, and water pollution.

Now many company make policy about environment. They more consider to give better thing for environment. A lot of them was installed Waste Recovery System in their plant. It's a good news. Maybe there some pollutant which is more hard to recovery, like a solvent.
But when your business core make a solvent as a pollutant, maybe you will need Resolv-r2 ECO Continuous as your solvent recovery.Solvent Recovery MachineResolv-r2 ECO Continuous is Solvent Recovery System. Tank constructed in Teflon coated 304 stainless to guarantee longevity. Condenser vapor cooling via chilled water. Automatic load includes liquid paraffin injection to facilitate easy discharge. Automatic shutdown sensor to protect against residue discharge without proper waste drum placement. Programmable cycle logic to control all phases of operation. Waste solvent and clean solvent interim holding tanks with level control, transfer pumps, etc. included. Waste drum and dolly included. Programmed unload of waste residue. High and low limit sensors in boiling tank. This design can be used with all four ECO model processors

Resolv-r2 ECO Continuous Features:
  • Available in 37, 53, 105, and 160 gallon capacities
  • ATEX II 2G explosion proof electric
  • PLC controlled hands free operation
  • Source tanks automatically draw waste solvent from process, feed the system, and return distilled solvent to process
  • Automatic loading and residue unloading controlled by high and low level sensors in boiling tank
  • Residual unload via 3" ball valve with fume extraction system
  • Waste drum and dolly with sensors will not allow system to discharge residue when waste drum is not in place
  • Recirculating diathermic heat transfer oil for more efficient heating
  • Vacuum distillation via liquid ring vacuum pump

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