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There are several advertise program in internet, like a google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, linkworth, infolinks, ask2link, etc. Google adsense is the most great advertise program from all advertise program that i know.

How to get google adsense program? There are a basic thing when you want join a google adsense. Here are a several step to get start with google adsense.

1.1 The Basics: Building Your Site

Here’s the bad news: to make money with AdSense, you’ve got to have a
website. There’s no getting around that. The good news though is that it’s
never been easier to create a website from scratch and use it to generate
real revenue. So, you must make a web for the first or you can make a blog in blogger. It is for free. If you already have a site up and running, you can just skip this bit

1.2 Naming Your Site

The first thing your site will need is a name. You should create a good name for your web or blog. Your name blog also have function for SEO.

1.3 Designing The Site

It used to be said that absolutely anyone could create a website. That was
true: absolutely anyone who knew HTML. Today, you don’t even need to
know that. Programs like Microsoft’s FrontPage or NVU (which is free; you
can download it at let you create sites without you needing to
know your tags from your tables. If you can use Word, you can create a
You can either have fun playing with the programs and designing the site yourself or you can hire a professional designer to do it for you.

1.5 Creating Content

And that’s why it’s not worth putting up a site just to cash in on particular keywords. Google doesn’t like it and neither do users. If your site doesn’t genuinely interest your visitors, you’ll find it hard to get traffic, links and clicks on your ads.
It’s also worth remembering that Google doesn’t place ads on particular types of sites, so if you’re thinking of building a casino site stuffed with AdSense ads, you can forget about it; it’s not going to happen.
Before you build a site that contains any content that’s remotely
controversial, check out the AdSense Terms of Service (TOS) to make sure that it’s allowed. It will tell whether your idea is sound or whether you need to think again

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