10 Tips to Make Money Online

I got a plenty of hits on this site from those people who just type and search on google Ways to make money online, top ways to make money online, best ways to make money online, how to make money online etc etc. So i just though why not I should write a short post on a topic which can guide them how they can make money online in the easy way.

Money making is not a tough job on the Internet, people make it thought because this thing really need a few sacrifices in order to return you something.

* Patience - People who went rich in nights, they did not do that in one day. They spent time and keep a patience on what they were doing
* Time & Effort - Nothing in this world can be obtained without any effort. You need to spent time on a job in order to make a successful business. That’s the big key to success.

Anyways making money on the internet is really not that tough. You can make it in easy way or difficult way. Easy way is to find the skill you have on your own. For example may be you can write good on different topics, or may be you can make beautiful designs or may be you have good development or programming skill. If you continue with the skill you have, it is the easiest way to make money online

The harder ways can be many, from starting mini sites to earn $100 a day with Adsense TO spending money on PPC and promoting products from other people or affiliate marketing in simple words.

Here is a short list of some of the best ways to make money online.

1. Do you know how to copy/paste

You can start any sort of data entry job. This is easiest way and everybody can do that. But payout in this way is sometimes less while you have to do more effort and work. Data entry jobs can be found at many places like freelancing sites (Elance, RentaCoder, getAFreeLancer, Guru.com etc). Or there are many companies too which are looking for data entry persons. Just google it and you’ll find the top results.

2. Can you design ?

Graphic designing is a long term way to make money online with you designing skills. If you have good grip on graphic designing, you can get a lot of money by designing graphics for other people. The best way is to start a few pages portfolio website and put some of your best work on it along with the client’s testimonials (if you have). Testimonials really works and can attract more clients to you. You can also try freelancing sites to find work and clients.

3. Coding is always needed

If you are a good web developer then you have the best skill to make tons of money online. Because coding is always expensive for clients but this expense worth for them. I am myself a php web developer. I know i m the one of the best coders in this field because I have experienced a lot of things and make tons of money with this skill. In last 3 years I don’t remember but I have made more than a million myself with this skill. I am still with my long term clients because if people know you are the best, they won’t leave you and give you jobs regularly. You can start from freelancing sites and find the best people to work with them regularly and focus on your behavior with them. They won’t leave you as big companies are always in need of web developers to maintain their websites.

4. Do you have good writing power?

Content writing is another best way to make money online. If your English skills are good and you have a big bag of words in your mind, then you can start writing for other people. Try if you can focus on one topic it would be best but it is not aways required. You can write on financial topics (that’s is the one which pays most), you can write on Internet marketing topics or on health topics (another big demand).

5. Do you have something to spent? Try website flipping

Money can not always be made freely. Sometimes you can spent a little money to make more. If you have some financial resources, you can start a couple of websites, hire some writers to write best articles on the topics. Start building links for this website. Make all of your efforts for atleast one month and bring a couple of visitors each day on your website. Then sell it.

You can get $7.21 a .com domain from godaddy. Better if you could try an expired one.
A hosting budget (one time only)
One month for building FREE links.

Then you can sell a website with few daily visitors around $100 to $300 easily. This is called making money with website flipping :) Now image if you do the same with 30 websites. You can earn up to $3000 each month.

6. come on, at least you can fill a Form to make money - lol

You can try paid surveys. They can give you good money by just keeping yourself busy in filling out the surveys. There are many websites you can try like survey savvy.com or cashcrate.com etc

7. Giving SEO services to people

Search engine optimization is a big need of Internet business these days. Everyone wants to get tons of traffic in FREE ways. Free ways is to obtain visitors from search engines and for this, they have to build links or optimize their website to make it SEO friendly. If you have the right formula you can give SEO services to people. Believe me it is the highest paying job. One of my friend is taking $500 per hour for SEO service for a big company and he is proving to them that he deserve this rate :)

8. Forum posting Services

Of Course this one pays too. Everyone wants to promote their website and one of the promotion method is forum posting. You can get some clients easily and start posting them on different forums by giving them backlinks or sometimes clients wishes you to post on their own forum. You can easily get up to $0.50 per post easily and for each post you just to write two to five lines of text.

9. Social Bookmarking Service

You can also try by giving social bookmarking services to people. This is also one of the best ways to drive quick traffic to websites. All you have to do is to prepare a short paragraph about a site and submit it to a desired number of social bookmarking sites.

10. Sell Stuff from other people

You can also sell other people’s stuff. This is also known as affiliate marketing. you can join some of affiliate networks and start promoting products of other people. As a return you’ll your commission. See my post on what is affiliate marketing.

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