7 Mistakes That AdSense Publishers Make

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I just a new member in this program. and i think join google adsense is so simple, just make a blog or web with support language (like english), and then registering our blog or web. And if we are accepted in this program, we get a code and then put in our blog....finish. But, when i am reading Joel Comm book "adsense secret", there are not so simple as i think. One thing that a very important in that book is a mistakes that adsense publisher make. Now i want share it with you.

Big Mistake #1: Not Being Familiar With Google's TOS

Adsense TosOn the one hand, this is an easy mistake to make. The terms of service
change all the time and what’s legal one day could be illegal the next — and you could know nothing about the change. On the other hand though, if something you’ve been doing is suddenly made illegal you probably shouldn’t be doing it anyway.
The bottom line is to check the TOS regularly and to make a habit of
browsing the AdSense forums. Even if you miss a change, it’s unlikely that other people will.
It’s a mistake not to stay informed.
Big Mistake #2: Inviting Others To Click Ads

click adsenseThat clicking your own ads is a mistake is pretty clear. There’s no reason to do it and no excuse for doing it.
That also includes asking other people to click on the ads for you.
For site owners used to asking their users to support their sponsors, this can take some getting used to. Once the ads are up and optimized, there’s
nothing more that you can do to persuade people to click.
If you’ve got a line on your website that asks people to support your
sponsors or if you’ve been asking people to click on your ads in any sort of way, you’re making a giant mistake.
That’s the sort of mistake that can get you banned.
Big Mistake #3: Using The Wrong Ad Blocks

ads blockThose first two mistakes will get you banned. The remaining mistakes will "only" cost you money.
Choosing the wrong ad blocks is one of the easiest mistakes to make. Almost any block can fit in almost any space but only one block will give you the
highest revenues possible.
Use this book as a guide to which blocks suit which locations best and check
out the case studies to see how other people are using a similar spot. Even if
you’re happy with your results so far, it’s always possible that you could do
even better.
Sitting on your laurels with the wrong ad block is certainly a mistake.
Big Mistake #4: Using The Wrong Colors

adsense colorExactly the same is true of your choice of colors. Forget about looking for some nice contrast or coming up with some snazzy design, you want the colors in your ads to match the colors on your site.
The background color should be the same as the background of your site and the font colors should match too.
Any other color is usually a mistake.
Big Mistake #5: Poor Page Placement

placement adsenseSome places on your page are much more powerful than others. You want to put your ads where your users are going to be looking, not where they’ll
make the page look good.
That might be at the beginning of an article, in the sidebar, at the top of the page, next to an image or any one of several dozen other spots.
Don’t be shy about putting your ads front and forward. As long as they’re
blended into the site, they won’t be anything like as obtrusive as you think. They’ll be right in front of your users and attractive enough to click.
Big Mistake #6: Not Using AdLink Units

A common mistake that people make when they first start using AdSense is to assume that only the ads units are worth taking. That’s a big mistake. Clicks on ads Link units make up a serious part of my AdSense earnings. When used properly, they should be a serious part of your AdSense earnings too. Don’t overlook Ads Link units just because they’re small. Put them in the right place and you’ll find that they can be very, very powerful
Big Mistake #7: Not Checking And Analyzing Stats

analysis adsenseOne of the biggest differences between AdSense publishers who get the big
checks and AdSense publishers who earn pennies is that the big earners are
addicted to reading their stats — and they understand what they’re reading.
It’s very tempting once you’ve set up your site and put on your ads to just kick back and look at the bottom line. But the other lines tell you what’s working and what you should be doing.
Read your stats carefully and regularly.
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There are several mistakes that adsense publisher usually make in google adsense program. And i think i do that mistakes too.

Hope this was useful for us.

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