4 Tips How To Put Your Adsense

Many ways to get a lot of click for adsense. One of that ways is about how you put yours adsense in your own blog or web. Honestly people doesn't look for adsense in our web or blog, but they look for something new. Article, great trick, friendship, and everything about source. So, that a wrong, if you was think if you just put the adsense in your blog (of course without the right way to put your adsense), you can get click for your adsense. So, let we learn about how to put your adsense.
4 Tips How To Put Your Adsense

  • Don't use border for your adsense
    Adsense with have border make it look clustered, and visitor can know that it adsense. I wasn't use any border for my adsense. And it will be make the adsense was become a part of my blog.

  • Make an adsense have same background with your blog
    like the tips before, it is important too for your adsense to get a click. Before you set appearance for your adsense, i suggest you to know what a background of your blog (post, sidebar, or another else). To know it, just go to your template and look for HTML color code or you can use a color generator code. After you have a code color, you can set up for your adsense now.

  • Design text of your adsense too
    We have make a border go. We have used a same background color for ads too. one thing shouldn't to be forget is to design text for your adsense, or text of your blog. Why we must design a text in our blog?, because there are same template use no underline style for link text. It make a different style with adsense. Adsense was used underline style for their link, both of text ads and link ads. If you want set your link text in your blog have underline style, just add "text-decoration:underline;", like this one.

  • Put your adsense in strategies area
    Don't be confused to know where is strategies area in your blog. Google adsense was make illustration for it. I was put adsense

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